About us.

Kitty’s Creations was formed by an English boy and a Cornish girl with a passion for nature.


Kitty’s Creations was formed by an English boy and a Cornish girl who share a passion for helping others. We met whilst training as members of a voluntary earthquake rescue team, and having deployed to Nepal in 2015 remain operational to this day.

We have found that spending time together within the natural world is essential in modern Britain to restore calm and bring wellbeing to mind and spirit. While visiting volunteer rescue teams in Istanbul we first learned how important creativity can be for the mental wellness of rescue workers. Our Turkish hosts had rooms for art, where sculpting or painting were commonly practiced. This was a culture shock but a lesson that made perfect sense and we were keen to replicate in our lives too. Our first creative venture – was of course making candles.

We began making as you do for friends and family, weddings and gifts but soon people talked to us about selling. For two people experienced at rescue and with bags always packed for the unknown taking the next step still felt daunting. We knew people like what we make, and we know that handcrafted is popular, but selling what we have created is personal – as every item we make has a little bit of us within it. 

So here in our online home we bring to you our items, all handmade, all imperfectly unique, but perfect we hope, to make your home the sanctuary you deserve all year round. We have found that the warmth and presence of candles is the perfect companion when relaxing, whether that’s after a day in the countryside, or unwinding from the stresses of modern life. We hope that you will find the same calm when using our items as we have experienced when making them, and hope they bring you joy.

With everything we make we have one eye on our rescue work, and that is why a percentage of the price goes directly back to the charity, helping save lives and train others for the future. With our creations we have tried to be as sustainable as possible. We use only natural wax from sustainable suppliers, which we fully fragrance and colour ourselves, before hand-pouring. 

The ingredients we use are sustainable and vegan-friendly, and all our packaging can be fully recycled or will biodegrade.

Each of our candles and melts are unique and the pictures you see here are representative of our colours and styles. We hope you enjoy looking around, please take your time and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you with any questions, comments, suggestions or requests. You can message us, or comment on our Facebook page, or send us an email.

If we don’t reply straight away we are either out on the hills, or away volunteering. We will always respond as soon as possible.