Kitty’s Creations believe earth 2.0 is not a viable solution to global ecological issues.  

Whilst as a small artisan company we cannot change the practice of others, we can make our produce as ethically and sustainably as possible. We are committed to act in an ethical manner with integrity and transparency in all our business dealings.


  • We only use energy from renewable sources, and hand make all our produce

  • We only use ingredients which are vegan-friendly in our melts and candles

  • We use wax which is Round Table on Responsible Soy certified

  • We try to produce as little waste as possible and recycle as much of our waste as possible

  • We only use packaging that is sustainable, will biodegrade or can be recycled

  • We support and seek to use printers and suppliers who share our beliefs and are vegan friendly where possible

  • We want no part in the destruction of habitats for the scents we use

The supply chain of essential oils is unregulated, almost impossible to examine, and is open to abuse. We have instead chosen to use synthetic fragrance oils until such a time as sustainable essential oils can be validated. We keep this under constant review.

Our business model is in line with B Corporation goals and we are working to achieve this status.

  • 1% of all Profit will be donated to Charity as decided by our Charities Group.


Gender Pay Gap.

Kitty’s Creations does not believe your X and Y chromosome should influence the amount you are paid. We pay according to your role and nothing else.