Your Own Subscription Box

Your Own Subscription Box

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Four of our beautiful hand made Wax melts will be delivered to your door every month. You can choose to receive any fragrance listed on our website in any combination up to the four melts, or simply send only a payment to receive a mystery selection of our choice for that month. Four melts a month for only £16.72, including postage, saving you £5 off a standard order!  

  • Four melts will be delivered to you each month that you make payment.
  • You agree to receive four melts per month from Kitty's Creations.
  1. Simply set up a payments to be made by standing order from yourself to Kitty's Creations, on the 1st of the Month for £16.72  Please make sure you put Kitty's and Your invoice number in the reference of your standing order.
  2. Fill in the form at checkout to give us your address and register your interest.
  3. You can change your selection every month, or ask to keep your melts choices for as long as you want. E.g. Send 1 email asking for the same 4 fragrances every month - so easy! 

If you want a melt selection it must be made by email no later than the 3rd of the Month, after this day all box payments without a selection email will be treated as mystery selections.

Boxes will be prepared and posted by Royal Mail 2nd class, within 5 working days after your selection cut off point.

If you suffer from allergies please see the CLP on the back of each melt before opening. 

Payments should be made to

Sort code: 77-04-01. 

Account number 58910860